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Our purpose is to positively impact the world through compelling brand Design that empowers mission-driven startups to grow and scale up with confidence while staying true to their values.

what we stand for

Innovation before efficiency

We are a team of result-oriented creatives, we value our partners' precious resources and aren't here to mess around. That being said, we're not a design factory, more like a lab. Our work process isn't linear and we don't force it to be. We believe innovation lies on the other side of inefficiency so we let ourselves space to experiment!

Growth mindset

We are self-taught designers, developers and strategists. What this means is that we never waited for someone to give us a recipe to execute. We approach every new challenge from a place of humility, and with a problem solving attitude!

Design nerdiness

We breath, eat design and tech! Fonts turn us on, gradients arouse us and we can have endless conversations about the latest tech unicorn logo. Yes, we are nerds, and proud!

Being conscious, being kind

We believe kindness is the most underrated business skill. As designers, we are conscious of the influence we have on people. So we chose to use our creative powers for a kinder world towards humans, non-humans and nature.

Going to play outside

We love our job! But let's not kid ourselves, digital design is an abstract thing, and in order not to become too full of ourselves, we take breaks, time off, and we go play outside. The real world is what we work so hard to positively impact!

we're global
Our team is a diverse crew of professional creatives from all around the world, we pretty much live in the cloud! ⛅

Our clients too are based around the globe and we can't wait to meet more positive impact star founders!
meet the team

Lucie Le Liard

Founder & Creative Director
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Paris, France
Founder & Creative Director

In more than 6 years of working as a Designer, I have helped startups and established businesses defining and refining their brands, both from the inside, and from the agency side.

Passionate about Design, story telling and innovation, I felt like there wasn't enough options out there for founders who really need a strategic partner who understands the challenges of being a tech startup, and who have aligned goals towards positively impacting the world with innovation that drives change.

Carlos Sepulveda

Lead Developper
Location icon
Lead Developper

Carlos is Positive Impact's Webflow expert. Flex box artist, he's as technically knowledgeable as he is creative. Currently based in Colombia, whenever he's not making Webflow magic happen, he plays guitar and sings in a rock band 🎸 🤘

Vu Nguyen

3D Designer
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Montreal, Canada
3D Designer

Vu is a chill guy who enjoys the great outdoors, travelling and discovering food traditions of the world. He also happens to be an incredibly talented 3D designer specialized in creating crisp, unique 3D illustrations that enhance digital experiences.

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