Bringing students together
date completed
September 2021
9 months
Brand & product strategy, Brand Identity Design, UI/UX, App Design

Studin is an app that helps students stay connected, even when they can't physically gather. Additionally, it facilitates communication with universities' or colleges' administration & teachers.

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Victor and Raphaël came to me Positive Impact Studio when they were still at very early stages with their start up Studin. Positive Impact Studio started by developing a young and playful brand identity to appeal to the young target audience. Studin needed to establish a strong and vibrant brand identity that differentiated themselves to the Gen Z audience in a busy marketplace.

We then developed comprehensive wireframes for their app to provide a smooth and pain free experience for the user. The app needed to be secure and clear to establish Studin as a serious partner that universities and investors can trust.


The objective of this project was to get an MVP designed and developed quickly to test the product and be able to iterate fast until product-market fit is found. However, the founders knew that their product's first impression needed to be convincing, so we decided to spend a fair amount of time on the visual brand. That part took a few weeks.

The next focus was on designing the MVP. Starting by organizing the information in a hierarchized architecture, we moved really fast through the different stages of the UX process to quickly lay down all the low-fidelity app screens. Always with our objective in mind to design a great looking MVP, the high fidelity designs were quickly laid down, and iterated on in partnership with the developers. We handed off the design to Studin's developers only about 6 months since the project started, which we are super proud about!

Eventually, we have achieved the objectives of crafting a strong identifiable visual brand that is consistent all across and allows Studin to grow and gather its audience around its warm and friendly colours! The founders of this young bootstrapped startup are now able to use, reuse and abuse their brand assets, which help them continuously grow their social media and web presence.

The app is due to launch in late 2021, or early 2022 in its beta version, and we can not wait for it to be in users' hands 😲

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