Bringing African flavours to Montrealers while raising awareness for street children in Congo
date completed
November 2020
2 months
Brand strategy, Brand Identity Design, Logo Design

Mokili was founded in late 2019 by Chef Epepe Tukala Vuvu and Baka Serkoukou in Montreal. With a focus on quality local ingredients, they elevate traditional Congolese food to the world of modern gastronomy.

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I (Lucie) was involved in Mokili's journey from the very start! They came to me with the need to tell their brand story, define their target audience, and articulate a clear value proposition. I started by conducting a strategy workshop to uncover their needs, goals and learn more about the people they are serving, and the product they offer. With the data they gave me, and through reflexion and ideation, I helped them understand what place they occupy in the market, and how their brand should sound look and feel to touch their customers right in their hearts.

The funniest part is when they came back to me a few weeks after the workshop and told me they kept seing their brand personas in real life, interacting with their brand!


Once I delivered their Brand Playbook to Mokili, it gave them direction and help them align all their different initiative. I noticed that everything they undertook was so coherent, the way they showed up online and on their physical products all made sense, their presence was strong and I could see their popularity growing.

Mokili's restaurant is now open, and serving Montrealers in a beautiful space, colourful, vibrant and warm, just like them 💖

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